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Default Police Biker Shoots!

Well I notice this in Singleplayer but this is SA-MP. I don't enable huds and the map cause I've played GTA Sa for a long time so I need no huds. Alright this was a server I saw here in the SA-MP Forums, it was an ip, not in the adverts, it was on someone's signature. I clicked it and clicked "Play" instead of "Add to favorites" so I played solo and this guy came on and was playing a role as a cop. Its a DM server not RP. So I talked to him asking where he was so we could fight. He told me he's on a bike at the PD Station so I went there and saw him and then he shot me like in singleplayer though I still managed to kill him. He wasn't lagging so it was fast then I asked him... How the hell you did that? He told me "He simply clicked H and he could shoot". Well I like to record certain DM matches one vs one and show my friends IRL. So this time I was lucky to catch this. I just recorded in time. [ame=""][/ame]

Well I was talking to him and suddenly my computer overheated. I have that stupid problem. I tried finding to get that server but I couldn't . All I have is this video. Now is this even possible in SA-MP? Please post what you think...
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Default Re: Police Biker Shoots!

This video was recorded in singleplayer...

You can shoot as a passenger on a bike by pressing H, it was added ages ago.
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Default Re: Police Biker Shoots!

Originally Posted by linuxthefish View Post
This video was recorded in singleplayer...

You can shoot as a passenger on a bike by pressing H, it was added ages ago.
But, he isnt a passenger, he's a 'driver'? Yeah either Single player or Hacks. Am sure you cant do such thing as a driver on SA-MP.
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Default Re: Police Biker Shoots!

As I said its not singleplayer but its going through my mind. I'm thinking hard and I believe he hacked. One thing is, is there such a hack like that? Really? He was shooting like in singleplayer... HOW? :O

Edit: Linux why would you say singleplayer? I'm using SA-MP plus if I was playing singleplayer, many cops will be right at my ass or even the biker cop would have come up in front of me and started shooting me. Think about it...
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Default Re: Police Biker Shoots!

I only have one CLEO installed. Its a mission thing where you can playback any kind of mission anybody wants besides that he did drop a weapon I know that. Certain people have drop weapon scripts installed. Like me, I do. And here: Game Keys

As SA:MP is built on top of the San Andreas game, nearly all the keys are exactly the same as single player with the exception of a few SA:MP-specific commands :-
Key Description
F1 Displays the in-game help menu
T Allows you to chat & enter commands
Shift Select a class while at the class selection screen (or press 'SPAWN' button)
F4 Allows you to reselect a character (on death)
F5 Shows the network data (eg: bandwidth usage)
F6 An alternate of "T" (chat)
F7 Shows/hides the chat window (Pressed twice toggles the HUD removal)
F8 Takes a screenshot
F9 Shows/hides the "death" window
F10 Hides the HUD (while held)
G Allows you to enter a car as a passenger
H Allows you to shoot while a passenger
Esc Hide the chat input box (if open)

I hid both chatbox and deathbox because its not nice during a recording. As I said, I hid everything and started recording then I killed him. About the meter on his head? Every different servers I play on, I sometimes use Auto lock and sometimes manual, even though I use manual still the meter reveals above anyone's head.
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Old 16/12/2012, 03:01 AM   #6
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Default Re: Police Biker Shoots!

This isn't SA-MP. Stop trying to create some weird bullshit by this topic. There are several reasons that would prove that this is SP.

First is that the cop didn't have nametag, why would a DM server not have nametags?
Second, the cop wasn't lag-shooting at all, and he hit you all of the times, clearly - that can only happen in SP.
Third, you shot out 26 bullets if I'm not wrong. In SA-MP 26 bullets cannot kill a player.
Most, if not all servers do not support the '' death on bike '' animation. They just drop the player dead with regular death anim.

Truth of this topic? Fakeeeee and gayyyy.
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Old 16/12/2012, 03:16 AM   #7
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Default Re: Police Biker Shoots!

I believe there is a cheat on Singleplayer where you can "free" shoot on a bike. Like everyone else in the topic has stated, this isn't SA-MP. It's single player.

But even if it is multiplayer, where is the rest of the video of "you talking to him". Because you don't just record 9 seconds and then shut the off the recording right away, especially if you know that he was shooting off the bike like that and you wanted to learn how. Stop trolling and go away.

PLUS, when you disable the HUD it doesn't disable textdraws. I find it hard to believe that death match servers around now and days don't have textdraws. They are a easy and cool way to show player stats and/or other information. So, again, another reason why this is multiplayer.

Although, I've been watching the video over and over again and just look in the sky, it's all blue. You don't ever see the sky just plain blue like that inside of Los Santos. It somewhat looks like you're on modded land, or you've just severely turned down your graphics and draw distance. I thought that was quite interesting.
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Old 16/12/2012, 04:53 AM   #8
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Default Re: Police Biker Shoots!

I've seen players shooting on driver seat in a vehicle from the 1st window (vehicles view panel), just like on a bike only the weapon was out of the window.

Never wondered on how is that possible.

Welcome stranger. I like your attitude.
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Default Re: Police Biker Shoots!

even i noticed similar bug like 5 CJ spawn all around with UZI and COLT45 and starts shooting me
i was a little let recording so only have the ScreenShot - i will add them , it was just weird
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Default Re: Police Biker Shoots!

Single player video. What is the point of pretending it isn't. Must have been a slow day on the 15th eh?

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