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Big Clucker
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Post VPS Chose

Hello to all,

I just want take some advices about Virtual Private Servers on Linux,

What is recomended configuration of one VPS for 1000 slots SAMP server,
I will host only my samp on it, and if we speaking about 500-600 players daily online, and good optimized GM.

Whats your think, how much RAM will be recomended for that number of players, what procesor?

Thanks to all in advance
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Default Re: VPS Chose

A decently sized VPS server should be good enough. I would recommend purchasing one with about 2-4GB of RAM just incase you would want to run any other application also.
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Default Re: VPS Chose

As Kevin said 4gb of ram with a single core processor will be fine.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: VPS Chose

VPS are not suited for 1000 slots.

#1 VPS are usually hosted within a virtualized dedicated machine. In that dedicated machine you would have at least 500 VPS depending on the blade.

So imagine each blades hosting 500 VPS each with VMWare ESXi or Oracle, who the hell cares anyways.

The most important part is that your Virtual Machine (VPS) is sharing its resources with other Virtual Machines.

If you want to host a 1,000 slots server. I suggest you get a dedicated machine thus you won't be sharing any resources with anyone. You won't get those high bandwith usages warnings from your provider since you are not limited.

Best provider for VPS is, they have decent prices and their servers are located in France, Asia and North America.

P.S.: They have decent Dedicated Server prices starting at $99/month.

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