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Big Clucker
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Everything looks nice in editor, but when i go ingame, trees are flying and some x coords are little changed, i tryied to reload map and everything still looks fine in editor, but in Debug and TStudio trees was bugged, i fixed trees but when i now go in Editor trees are underground ( In test are fine )
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: [MAP EDITOR BUG?]

I don't know,it worked fine for me,in my old pc with low requirements too, I don't know why this happens to you,probably a mistake in files downloading,better try to re-install it.
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Default Re: [MAP EDITOR BUG?]

do u mean rotations are changed?
here to help
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Default Re: [MAP EDITOR BUG?]

can you show some pictures?
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: [MAP EDITOR BUG?]

Yes, that is a known bug in that editor.

Trees like ID 792 will appear lower in the editor than they do in the test.
When adding them to the server, they will appear the same way the did during the test. That is why you should place them, perfect their z-coords and the use those for the other trees (assuming you're working on a flat surface, otherwise place and test, place and test as much as you need).

A similar problem occurs with the fence object ID 996. There are probably more objects but I do not recall which ones.

This problem is solved in the MTA San Andreas map editor. So if you need a lot of those trees in different heights, it might be easier to fire up MTA and then place them there and convert them to SA:MP code using convertffs. Which you can paste into the editor to continue working or just add it to the server directly.

Side-by-side comparison:
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