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Default Re: Basic SA:MP Website Template [CSS & HTML]

Originally Posted by Sublime View Post

The new website demo if anybody needs it.

Your positions are all fucked, looks fucked in my monitor.
Cheers for the demo, im about to re-upload that position fix.

Also for those wanting to test the website user account..

Username: Flake
Password: lolzor
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Default Re: Basic SA:MP Website Template [CSS & HTML]

leave samp, play osu!
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Default Re: Basic SA:MP Website Template [CSS & HTML]

If its one of your first websites, its a good start.

But to be honest:
  • the font is horrible
  • the colours are horrible
  • the webpage is at the bottom of the screen meaning I would have to scroll to see it if I was on a mobile device
  • You've used divs for the tabs whereas you should've used lists (<ul><li></li></ul>)
  • There is no doctype
  • There are no <html> tags
  • There is no charset
  • In your css you've missed out some of the 'px' from width, heights etc
  • If a user wanted to add more content to this website this would happen:
  • The website isn't mobile friendly
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Default Re: Basic SA:MP Website UCP [CSS / HTML / MySQL]

Originally Posted by Flake. View Post
Flake's Basic SA:MP UCP / Website

Hello and welcome.. This is just a very basic and simple website design for a SA:MP community, it only took a few hours to put together and get running so I hope you all enjoy it.

UPDATE: Read the bottom of the post for updates, the UCP has now been added.


(Sorry for the 800x600 res, I just shrunk it down a little to fit in in the forum post, but you get the picture.
Like I said, it isn't much it's more of a project at the moment it'll be rocking the following:
  • Pop up tabs on the top left (When hover)
  • Copyright banner at the bottom (Easily editable)
  • A bunch of easy access defines to change the settings of the website

To edit the look/settings of the website just head over settings.php inside you'll see the following:
PHP Code:
        define('SVRNAME''Your Server Name');
define('OWNER''Your name'); 
I'll update this thread when I update the github project too.


Github Download
Mirrors are welcome

  • Added a sliding animation to the tabs on the top left
  • Added all the UCP CSS/PHP
  • Edited the top banner along with adding the .psd file for it
  • Made a transparent copy of every weapon for the UCP
  • Added the database drop the the github
  • The UCP Grabs your skin/weapons and shows them VIA a image
  • Fixed the FavIcon, made it look a little better

  • Me - Making the template (CSS & HTML)
  • Twizted - His amazing panaramic redner user for the header His Profile
  • Patrick_ - Aligned tabs along with hosting the demo
new download link please
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Default Re: Basic SA:MP Website Template [CSS & HTML]

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Default Re: Basic SA:MP Website Template [CSS & HTML]

Please, reupload
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