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Default Re: L_Lag - Causes player to lag, ping fluctuations and more.

Originally Posted by Stanford View Post
About the ReconnectPlayer function, won't this bug out sometimes? Like this might make players get the you are banned message or something? I remember I had something like this and this problem was an obstacle for the relogging feature!
I hope that this is fully functional your include is actually useful and good for testing things on laggy players!
This include automatically un(bans/blocks) the player's IP address when they disconnect, unless they're kicked/banned. I tested this on SA-MP 0.3.7 version and it seemed to be working fine. I do not completely guarantee though because SA-MP had the issue of showing ban message on previous versions.
Currently inactive - I don't play at any SA-MP servers nor work on anything in PAWN for now. The projects that I've done so far in PAWN, which requires updates will be taking some time.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: L_Lag - Causes player to lag, ping fluctuations and more.

Despite what some might think this is actually useful for me
I'll be creating a weapon drop system soon as I'd love to find out if it would be vulnerable in situations where people could spam the command and duplicate weapons whilst they are lagging, so thank you for this plugin and hope to see more work soon!
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Default Re: L_Lag - Causes player to lag, ping fluctuations and more.

Could be a lot useful for debug, when you need to test a certain part of your script in different lag conditions.
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