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Little Clucker
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Question Error 44017 while downloading model

Hello! I use some texture mods (.txd) on my server. But I use models (.dff) extracted from original gta3.img. When I connect to my server, some models are not successfully downloaded.

There is my artconfig.txt:

AddSimpleModel(-1, 1229, -1229, "bussign1.dff", "signs.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 3749, -3749, "ClubGate01_LAx.dff", "law2misc_lax.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 9915, -9915, "sfe_park.dff", "sfe_park1.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 727, -30727, "tree_hipoly04.dff", "gtatreesh04.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 789, -30789, "hashburytree4sfs.dff", "gta_tree_boak.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 703, -30703, "sm_veg_tree7_big.dff", "gta_tree_boak.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 691, -30691, "sm_veg_tree4_big.dff", "gta_tree_boak.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 672, -30672, "sm_veg_tree5.dff", "gta_tree_boak.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 683, -30683, "sm_fir_group.dff", "gta_tree_pine.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 647, -30647, "new_bushsm.dff", "gta_proc_bush.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 715, -30715, "veg_bevtree3.dff", "gta_tree_boak.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 734, -30734, "tree_hipoly14.dff", "vegtresshi9b.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 727, -30727, "tree_hipoly04.dff", "gtatreesh04.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 800, -30800, "genVEG_bush07.dff", "gta_proc_bush.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 803, -30803, "genVEG_bush09.dff", "gta_proc_bush.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 16061, -16061, "des_treeline2.dff", "des_trees.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 763, -30763, "Ash1_hi.dff", "tree3.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 688, -30688, "sm_fir_scabg.dff", "gta_tree_pine.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 669, -30669, "sm_veg_tree4.dff", "gta_tree_boak.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-1, 770, -30770, "Pinebg_hi.dff", "tree3.txd");

Please help to solve this problem. Thank you in advance.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Error 44017 while downloading model

Try debugging which one is doing the error, by commenting one by one and then check the file is not corrupt.
Rep+ if my post helped, Thanks.
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