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Old 28/06/2015, 02:00 AM   #81
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Default Re: gay pride poll

Originally Posted by Emmet_ View Post
on a forum where the average age is 14-15 i would definitely not make any type of topics regarding sex, religion, politics, basically anything they too young to understand
just tell them if we don't have gay marriage then internet piracy will be stopped and we won't be able to download our music, movies, tv shows, etc. for free anymore, everyone will be fully supportive of it then.

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Old 28/06/2015, 02:15 AM   #82
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Default Re: gay pride poll

I don't care cuz this isn't happen in my country.

- Nothing - I dont have idea to release something.
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Old 28/06/2015, 02:31 AM   #83
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Default Re: gay pride poll

The thing with people's opinion on gay rights are just non-sense and stupidity.
You need to show respect for people for who they are, because they have no control over what they can do.
"They can go to therapy" - It's been tried more then a million times and doesn't work.
"They can be blessed and cure by Jessus" - Been tried since the start of religion, still doesn't work.
You shouldn't post an opinion under things you don't understand. Period.
Lock this shit thread.
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Default Re: gay pride poll


Last edited by punklord; 28/06/2015 at 06:03 AM.
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Old 28/06/2015, 03:13 AM   #85
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Default Re: gay pride poll

Yeah. I have no problems with gay people, I just hate it when they dress extremely weird.
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Old 28/06/2015, 03:29 AM   #86
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Default Re: gay pride poll

Yea, the Bible does say that man should not lie with man (and if he chooses to do so, he shall be stoned). You know what else the bible says is sin? Divorce. Now let's go over the divorce rates over the past few years.Why should we consider homeosexual marriage any more heinous than divorce?

Honestly, I don't care if some fag chooses to be with another fag. Me? A gay man better not try anything on me though. I'm still going to say no, I am against it. I am against divorce as well. If I am to marry it will be everlasting. Also, if I marry, it will not be with a man.
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Old 28/06/2015, 03:30 AM   #87
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Default Re: gay pride poll

Human Ethics and values are going down day by day, that's the sad truth..
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Old 28/06/2015, 04:45 AM   #88
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Default Re: gay pride poll

I'm pretty sure all of you would be pretty angry and outraged if someone took away your right to game or ymuse the internet, yet you feel it's OK to take away someone else's basic right just because it makes you feel uncomfortable? You know what makes me feel uncomfortable? People like you who sit on your high horse acting all high and mighty, judging people for something which affects you in no way at all.

And people using the religion card, I'm sure most of you have download GTA amongst other things illegally or are playing the game underage... So what makes your sins less than someone else's? What gives you the right to judge when you're guilty. The divrose rate is huge in america and is classed as a pretty big sin in the Bible yet I don't see any threads started about that...

You're pathetic. Stand for something that's going to help the world rather than fill it with more hate. Give someone a hug, tell someone you care... Do something, do anything but do it with love not hate.

Agreeing or accepting gay marriage won't make you gay and if you feel like it will then you've got other things to sort out.. They don't want you to join them they just want a basic human right

Love not hate
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Old 28/06/2015, 04:54 AM   #89
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Default Re: gay pride poll

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Default Re: gay pride poll

I don't have anything against Gayness, it's completely fine Loving Guys.

I support it. I'm not Gay but i don't have anything against it. I have a friend which is Gay and i am completely fine with it, It doesn't bother me or disgusting me.

Butt-Fucking is completely ok
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