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Default Re: commands

Originally Posted by varthshenon View Post
pawn Code:
new helped[MAX_PLAYERS];
public OnPlayerCommandReceived(playerid, cmdtext[])
    if(strcmp("/help", cmdtext, true) != 0 && !helped[playerid])//Chek if the command is /help and helped value is 0
        SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "You must type /help first!");
        return 0;
    return 1;
CMD:help(playerid, params[])
    if(!helped[playerid]) helped[playerid] = 1;//If player's helped value is 0, change it to 1
    return 1;
public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
    helped[playerid] = 0;
    return 1;


new bool:CMD[MAX_PLAYERS];

public OnPlayerCommandReceived(playerid,cmdtext[])
    if(CMD[playerid] == false)//If CMD is false
        if(!strcmp("/help",cmdtext)) return 1;//If player do /help command, the command still called
        SendClientMessage(playerid,0,"Error");//Send error message
        return 0;//Forgot this
    return 1;

public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
    CMD[playerid] = true;
    return 1;

See the difference?
I noticed one thing, that you failed to write the code inside 'OnPlayerCommandReceived' properly and stop trying to compete against people in scripting. They have their own style intro coding, and you should respect that. TheKiller posted code that should work fine.
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