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Default NVidia Geforce GTS 250

Hello everybody.I try to find info about my graphic card and I find this:

At A Glance
Manufacturer:	nVidia
Series:	GeForce GTX 200
GPU:	G92+
Release Date:	2009-03-03
Interface:	PCI-E 2.0 x16
Core Clock:	738 MHz
Shader Clock:	1836 MHz
Memory Clock:	1100 MHz (2200 DDR)
Memory Bandwidth:	70.4 GB/sec
Pixel Fill Rate:	11808 MPixels/sec
Texture Fill Rate:	47232 MTexels/sec
Max Power Draw:	150 W
Noise Level:	Moderate
Framebuffer:	512,1024,2048 MB
Memory Type:	GDDR3
Memory Bus Type:	64x4 (256 bit)
DirectX Compliance:	10.0
OpenGL Compliance:	2.1
PS/VS Version:	4.0/4.0
Process:	55 nm
Shader Processors:	128
Pipeline Layout:	Scalar MADD+MUL
Texture Units:	64
Raster Operators	16
I am not expert for graphic cards.Is this good graphic card??

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Default Re: NVidia Geforce GTS 250

****** is an expert on graphics card reviews, check with him.

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Default Re: NVidia Geforce GTS 250

Here's one review:

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