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Little Clucker
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Post Sudden Death (?)

Hey SA-MP Community,
This is kind of my first post, I used to have another username but I don't think anyone is interested in that. I've recently started scripting again and I was just wondering if anyone would want to join in part of this new project I have in mind. This project will be a Team Deathmatch, side objectives, open ended warfare and close quarter combat. It is basically a simple little gamemode which will be designed in a similiar fashion to the 0.2 era servers. What I mean by that is, the server wont be overly fancy with different textdraws/NPCs/dialogs and etc (I can't really remember any of the good examples) it will be similiar to Mini Missions though, it will switch between gamemodes on different maps and different side-quests and of course most of them will be TDM.
What I mean by side-quests is finding different elements, and using them to open up a ammo storage room which will have heaps of ammo (obv) and other stuff. Doing this would give you points, which will let you buy other weapons from a "/shop" if you must (a feature from the MM servers of course) and as you can see it also has a sense of roleplay in it.
I just wanted to cut to the chase, but I had to at least make a long enough passage to "attract users"
I was hoping for a secondary scripter and a mapper (no extended experience required), I will be hosting it but the project is a really old one which still needs to be polished but the core gameplay is still there.
I'm sorry if this topic doesn't belong here, but I just wanted to set myself apart from the other topics. If anyone is interested in investing into this new community thingy PM me.
FYI, my old usernames were; ClanDBZVegeta and the lesser known "DorkAZoid" there might be a few people here who might remember me, I'd appreciate no hassling
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Sudden Death (?)

if you need mapping i'm you're man
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Default Re: Sudden Death (?)

im in i will help
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