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Little Clucker
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Default Sniper weapon doesn't hit on range?

Hi guys

I encountered this bug while playing as a sniper on a TDM-Server.

Lets say, I have a target like really far away, almost out of streaming range. Whenever I try to shoot him, I get no hit indicator confirming my hit, the target itself doesn't loose any damage either. This only happens when I have the FRAME-LIMITER in the options menu set to "OFF". However, when I turn the FRAME-LIMITER to "ON" and set my /fpslimit to around 60 frames-per-second, I have no issues hitting players from a huge distance.

The solution might be simple for me - just leave the FRAME-LIMITER on then. But leaving the frame limiter on, limits my ability to aim "good" with other weapons, for as the FRAME-LIMITER induces mouse-lag while aiming.

Does anybody have a solution for this? My guess is that my FPS is just too high when kept the FPS-LIMITER off, but I can't just switch to the game menu and turn on my FPS-LIMITER everytime I have to snipe someone from a distance.

Could there be any CLEO-modification that lets me switch the FPS-Limiter to "ON" and "OFF" just by the push of a hotkey?

I appreciate any help!
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Default Re: Sniper weapon doesn't hit on range?

This isn't a new issue, as it's been noted a while back by someone else. What is new though is the framelimiter being a factor.
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