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Default Making of a Server - Ravens RP

Yo SA-MP Community,

Ok, so, lets cut the nitty-gritty. For the past 8m-1 year. I have been working on Ravens Roleplay Script. I converted the entire thing from stock crappy Ravens coding to MySQL R41-4.

Vehicle system was re-vamped from static ID's to Y_Iterators, Y_Inline and ORM MySQL.

Password hashing was changed to WP_Hash and SHA256_PassHash with Salt.

PayDay system was entirely re-wrote and working perfectly, along with a totally new Anti-Cheat.

-- OK, so, lets get to the real point now. --

Would people be interested still in playing a RavensRP Script server that's had a massive over-haul, is very stable and works very well? - What does it take these days to build a community SA-MP RP Server?

( I did not do this myself - all freelance work and scripting work goes to Misiur )

Misiur (The Lead Scripter) will stick around for further development.

Looking for real support and advice on where to get started. I also have my own Game-MP Account, so I can do Hosted Tab listing for the server. (Not sure if this makes a difference these days?)

(I attached a screenie of how the user-data now saves, just 4thelulz)
Attached Images
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╠ Ɽavens Roleplay → mySQL BlueG R41-4 ╣
╠ Ɽavens Vehicle System → Re-scripted to Y_Iterators & Y_Inline ╣
╠ Ɽavens Commands → STRCMP Re-scripted to Y_Commands ╣
╠ Ɽavens AntiCheat → Migrated over to F-Cleo ╣
╠ Ɽavens Password System → Changed to Whirlpool (WP_Hash) & SHA256_PassHash (Salt) ╣
╠ Ɽavens Jobs System → Entirely re-scripted ╣

╠ Ɽavens Library's Used → Ύ_Iterate, Ύ_Inline, Ύ_Timers, Ύ_Commands, Ύ_Master, Ύ_Dialog, Ύ_Groups, Ύ_Hooks, Ύ_Utils, Ύ_VehicleData, Ύ_Va, A_mySQLYInline, BlueG MySQL R41-4, FCLEO, OPVD, SSCANF2, Progress2, EVF, [MV]_Youtube, Whirlpool ╣
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Default Re: Making of a Server - Ravens RP
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Default Re: Making of a Server - Ravens RP

Originally Posted by Symon View Post
Made a script from scratch in November 2019, launched February 2020. I get 50 players every day and have been since launch, more than some more established servers...

So that post isnít very valid in terms of whether itís worth it or not.

If you have a starting team and you all want to do the server; go for it. If itís decent enough people will join and play.
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Default Re: Making of a Server - Ravens RP

Hard to find new server now
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Default Re: Making of a Server - Ravens RP


My server managed to hit 60 playerbase with copied script
This means, script isn't everything. Just know how to use your script.
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