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Little Clucker
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Default SAMP server for ARM

That idea has been disposed multiple times, but i am here to suggest it again.
It's 2020 and we NEED an ARM-compatible server image.

A lot of people are running gameservers, webservers on raspberry pi as the newest model come with a powerful processor, and up to 8gb of ram. This is enough to run a samp server.

Some people say "take out gpu etc from an old pc and use it as a host"
This is not the same. it would be noisy and consume around 20-40W atleast while the rPI is silent than a pc and consumes only 2-5W avg.

The other thing is the size, you can place the rpi into your college room's corner and run a samp server on it, playing with some friends. In this urbanized world, a lot of people have space problems, so you don't really want a big, 24/7 humming box in any of your rooms but you might want to get a small alternative.

So tldr, as the technology is rising we should build an ARM image, because samp is less popular than it was; and people don't want to rent servers anymore.

I took a look on some forums and people claim that recompiling to ARM is really easy. So why not?
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: SAMP server for ARM

Originally Posted by einstamas View Post
I took a look on some forums and people claim that recompiling to ARM is really easy. So why not?
USUALLY compiling to another platform is as simple as letting the compiler know the target platform. But not always. Impossible to know without knowing what samp-server's code looks like, which I do not.

Regardless, it's 2020 and an ARM build for very much any server software is instrumental. Unless Kalcor presents a valid reason to not do this (other than not wanting to) we should keep pushing for it. I'm sure most plugin maintainers will provide ARM builds for their plugins immediatly if such a thing were to exist.

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Big Clucker
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Default Re: SAMP server for ARM

To be honest with you ARM processor is a bit bad to run samp server with less lag, but it will cause horrible lagging on your server even if they built it for ARM but i think they will not even planning on doing this.
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