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Exclamation problem with database SQLite

Heyy, I have a problem with my database (SQLite). When I register an account, everything works fine, the system saves the name and its respective password, but, when I log back in, it asks me to enter my account password, right? Well, when I enter the password, it tells me that it is WRONG (and I have entered the correct password), and it is a problem that I have still been able to solve (the game mode is made from 0 for my, forgive my ignorance, I am learning).

HTML Code:
		case D_LOGIN:
			if(!response) return Kick(playerid);
				new DBResult:resultado, l_sQuery[350];
				format(l_sQuery, sizeof(l_sQuery), "SELECT * FROM `USUARIOS` WHERE Nick = '%q' COLLATE NOCASE AND Password = '%q'", GetPlayerNameEx(playerid), PI[playerid][e_sPassword]);
				resultado = db_query(edb, l_sQuery);
					new l_sString[70];

					PI[playerid][e_bSesion] = true;

					PlayerPlaySound(playerid, 1057, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);

					format(l_sString, sizeof(l_sString), "Welcome!, %s", GetPlayerNameEx(playerid));
					Mensaje(playerid, -1, l_sString);
					ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, D_LOGIN, DIALOG_STYLE_PASSWORD, "{FFFFFF}Log In", "{FFBF00}* {FF6262}ERROR: {FFFFFF}The entered password is incorrect.\n{FFBF00}* {FFFFFF}Please re-enter the account password to log in.", "Join", "Leave");
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