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Big Clucker
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Default running samp server from vitrual machine affects host machine?

well im trying to run my samp server but i have heard that when you open your port to run your server viruses can come in through their and i dont want viruses on my pc. well i have a virtual machine and i was thinking of running my server from their but i remembered that the connection will be the same from the router. so i want to know if i run the server from the virtual machine will it affect my host machine meaning my computer not just the virtual machine?
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: running samp server from vitrual machine affects host machine?

You wont get viruses, but it is less security. It allowes IP's to connect to your server, not your computer. And if you are talking about a VPS, it wont affect anything on your computer, if your talking about Virtual box, it will slow your computer down because you are running a computer, in a computer. My suggestion is just host it on your computer
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