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Default Local Keys Plugin

Local Keys Plugin by NaS

Yet another Plugin for accessing all local keys that are pressed on the machine the server is running on (keyboard and mouse).

This does NOT work for any other player that is connected to the server. It is meant for debugging, MapEditors and test scripts.

This plugin adds a callback. You need to toggle the keys you want to check via ToggleKey() (this prevents callback spam on every key press and reduces the amount of keys that are listened for).

In case you want to listen for all keys:

for(new i = 0; i < 256; i ++) ToggleKey(i);
The keys are always detected, whether or not you are playing or even connected to the server.
Use IsSAMPFocused() if you want to check if the SAMP Client is currently focused.


Checks if a key ID is currently pressed.

Checks if the SAMP client is the foreground application (by window name).

GetVKName(key, const name[], maxlen = sizeof name)
Gets the complete name of a key.

ToggleKey(key, toggle = 1)
Toggles the given key for OnLocalKeyStateChange. IsLocalKeyPressed is not affected by this.
All keys are off by default!

Checks if a key is toggled.


GetCursorPos(&x, &y)
Gets the current Cursor Position.

SetCursorPos(x, y)
Sets the Cursor Position.

Key Defnitions

All Windows Keys are defined inside the include.



Drop LocalKeys.dll into your plugins directory and add LocalKeys.dll to your server.cfg (under plugins).
Copy into your pawn/include/ directory and include it in your script.


This is a snippet of a server-/client plugin which I will release when ready (the main purpose being MapEditors etc).

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