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Little Clucker
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Default Need help with the next Vehicle model and command create vehicle.

שלום לכם.
Hello everyone.
I started to do new mode and nice, and i dont know what to do with something.
I want to create command that she will create vehicle while the Camera look at the vehicle, i dont have some problem with that.
but, i want to do command that ill do /car and its will change the model id to the next id.
like the Standalker is ID 400, i want to do /car and its will display the vehicle id 401, that after this its will destroy the previous model id.

That my first command, dont have problem at this:
PHP Code:
if(!strcmp(cmd"/create"true)) { 
PHP Code:

[left]    new car;

car CreateVehicle(400,2122.5068,1333.8613,10.5263,0.0,1,1,20);






And this to move to the next id, in this situation its need to move to model id 401:

PHP Code:

[left]if(!strcmp(cmd"/car"true)) {

numbc GetVehicleModel(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid))-400;




But its not move to the next model id(this command isnt work), and i need to destroy the previous id and i dont know how.

Please help me.
Good day.
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Default Re: Need help with the next Vehicle model and command create vehicle.

maybe take a look at ?

;Peace be with you.; Yes with you too...
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