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Default Socket plugin (v0.2b released)

Sockets v0.2b

01/08/14: (v0.2b)
- finished SSL related code
- general bugfix
- added socket_sendto()
- fixed socket_send_array()
- added ssl_get_peer_certificate() 
24/06/12: (v0.1b)
- TCP server crash fixed (thanks to Wicko)
- general bugfixes
This plugin allows you to create multiple TCP or UDP sockets. Each socket receives data in a separate thread, which means that the server will not freeze. Once you destroy a socket, the thread will shutdown. If there is further interest I'm going to add support for SSL sockets.

The plugin has many uses, here are some ideas:
- IRC echo bot
- a new RCON tool including chat (based on a TCP server socket, kinda like GUIRCON)
- retrieve SA-MP server data through UDP
- communicate with a PHP script to log/receive data

PAWN Scripting (
pawn Code:
native Socket:socket_create(pType:TCP); // udp & tcp
native socket_bind(Socket:id, ip[]); // udp & tcp
native socket_connect(Socket:id, host[], port); // udp & tcp
native socket_listen(Socket:id, port); // udp & tcp
native socket_stop_listen(Socket:id); // udp & tcp
native socket_destroy(Socket:id); // udp & tcp
native socket_send(Socket:id, data[], len); // udp & tcp
native socket_sendto(Socket:id, const ip[], port, data[], len); // udp only
native socket_send_array(Socket:id, data[], size=sizeof(data)); // udp & tcp
native is_socket_valid(Socket:id); // udp & tcp
native socket_set_max_connections(Socket:id, max_remote_clients); // tcp only
native socket_close_remote_client(Socket:id, remote_clientid); // tcp only
native socket_sendto_remote_client(Socket:id, remote_clientid, data[]); // tcp only
native socket_remote_client_connected(Socket:id, remote_clientid); // tcp only
native get_remote_client_ip(Socket:id, remote_clientid, ip[]); // tcp only

// ssl stuff (requires OpenSSL)

native ssl_init(); // initialize the ssl library
native ssl_create_context(Socket:id, method);
native ssl_connect(Socket:id); // tcp (client only)
native ssl_load_cert_into_context(Socket:id, const certificate[], const private_key[]); // certificate & private_key might be the same .pem file
native ssl_shutdown(Socket:id) = socket_destroy;
native ssl_get_peer_certificate(Socket:id, method, subject[], issuer[], remote_clientid = 0xFFFF);
native ssl_set_accept_timeout(Socket:id, interval); // interval in miliseconds
native ssl_set_mode(Socket:id, mode); // see above SSL_modes (enum)

pawn Code:
// client & server (udp)
forward onUDPReceiveData(Socket:id, data[], data_len, remote_client_ip[], remote_client_port);
// client only (tcp)
forward onSocketAnswer(Socket:id, data[], data_len); // called when socket_connect() has been used and the server sends data
forward onSocketClose(Socket:id);
// server only (tcp)
forward onSocketReceiveData(Socket:id, remote_clientid, data[], data_len); // called when a remote client sends data
forward onSocketRemoteConnect(Socket:id, remote_client[], remote_clientid); // called when a remote client connects to our socket server
forward onSocketRemoteDisconnect(Socket:id, remote_clientid); // called when a remote client disconnects from our socket server

pawn Code:
// connect to an IRC server
new Socket:sock = socket_create(TCP);
if(is_socket_valid(sock)) {
    socket_connect(sock, "", 6667);
    socket_send(sock, "NICK TestBot\r\n"); // set the nickname
    socket_send(sock, "USER TestBot - - :TestBot\r\n"); // set the username & realname
    socket_send(sock, "MODE TestBot +B\r\n"); // tell the server it's a bot
    socket_send(sock, "JOIN #test_channel\r\n"); // join a specific channel

// this callback will now receive all incoming data
public onSocketAnswer(Socket:id, data[])

Downloads (v0.2a has been skipped)

Note: v0.2b includes SSL related code

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Shabi RoxX
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Default Re: Socket plugin

wow nice work keep it up......
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Default Re: Socket plugin

Great, this was one of the missing samp features.
So lets wait for the first cluster servers
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Little Clucker
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Default AW: Socket plugin

wow very nice!
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Default Re: Socket plugin

I waited so long for i can integrate server chat to my forum
Can someone provide example for sending and listening socket from server and web (PHP)
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Default Re: Socket plugin (TCP/UDP) v0.1a

Lovely, finally a great working socket plugin!

Thank you BlueG & Great Job.
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Default Re: Socket plugin (TCP/UDP) v0.1a

Good job!!!
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Default Re: Socket plugin (TCP/UDP) v0.1a

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is an AMAZING release.

Edit: Is this faster as SampQuery by Wastie?
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Default Re: Socket plugin (TCP/UDP) v0.1a

This is amazing. Thank you, i looking for something like this
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Default Re: Socket plugin (TCP/UDP) v0.1a

Amazing, nice work!
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