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Default Re: About string size cell numbers.

Originally Posted by VeryTallMidget View Post
Is it possible to create dynamic array that sets the size from the: sizeof(PlayerName) ?
Pawn doesn't support dynamic allocation. There are some tricky library like ymalloc or any vector plugin can do this. But as far as I know dynamic allocation is not necessary in samp scripting.
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Default Re: About string size cell numbers.

It's the same as going to buy a 2-seat sofa.
When you use a Smart vehicle, the sofa won't fit in the trunk of that Smart. Same as trying to store a playername in a string of size 5, it won't fit in there as a playername can be up to 24 chars long.
On the other hand, using a string of size 128 to store that playername (which is max 24 chars long), is the same as renting a truck + trailer (like the GTA Roadtrain + Article trailer) to buy that sofa, while you would do fine with your car and a trailer.
Using that Roadtrain+trailer will do the job too, but it's just overkill.
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