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Big Clucker
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Default Server Crash / Server doesn't Ping


So this person joined server twice, not sure what he does but, all players lose connection to server and server status turn offline and doesn't even ping anymore (0/0), while through panel I can see that the server is online. But nobody can join or anything as it doesn't ping anymore..

I use crashdetect, but I found nothing in logs, as the server didn't crash, its still online through panel but doesn't ping in browser that means it shows no life.

I had to stop server and start again in-order to get in working condition but the person keeps coming back and doing it... What could it be? Would appreciate any kind of help..

[14:11:24] [connection] requests connection cookie.
[14:11:25] [connection] incoming connection: id: 19
[14:11:27] [join] ..Player_Crasher has joined the server (19:
[14:11:27] [connection] requests connection cookie.
[14:11:28] [part] ..Player_Crasher has left the server (19:1)
[14:11:28] [connection] requests connection cookie.
[14:11:28] [connection] incoming connection: id: 19
[14:11:29] Warning: Minimum time between new connections (800) exceeded for Ignoring the request.
[14:11:30] [join] ..Player_Crasher has joined the server (19:
[14:11:30] [connection] incoming connection: id: 22
[14:11:31] [join] relx5 has joined the server (22:
[14:11:33] [chat] [iceCube[sm]]: ok a little more
[14:11:36] [chat] [Maximum_.]: wew whos the 4 humans!!
[14:11:46] [chat] [iceCube[sm]]: pros will surive
[14:11:46] [chat] [..Player_Crasher]: Bye bye BTTDM ZS
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