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Big Clucker
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Default Set object 'money safe'

So i want the object "money safe" to be appeared while the player is robbing.

Only i don't know how to add the money safe object in stores/interiors. With what function. I though that it's SetObjectPos, but nothing worked.

Also when player finish his robbing, the money fase must disappear.

It's something similar like from CNR servers.
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Default Re: Set object 'money safe'

first of all money safe id :1829
and then you have to get the player pos:
using GetPlayerPos then create the object in the player x,y,z
and when the player finish robbing destroy the object.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Set object 'money safe'

pawn Code:
new Float: x, Float: y, Float: z;
GetPlayerPos(playerid, x,y,z);
if(IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid, range, banklocation x,  banklocation y, banklocation z); return
CreateObject(1829, x,y,z,rotation x, rotation y, rotation z, object drawdistance);
else if(!IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid, range, banklocation x, banklocation y, banklocation z); return
return 1;

Don't forget to substitute the locations, I didn't put them in because i didn't know where your script location was based. You'll need to put the rotations etc in aswell. I'm not 100% sure it's right, but you could try it out
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