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Little Clucker
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Question (Crash) connection lost without reason ?

Good morning,

I have a problem with my server, sometines every players (and bots) are disconnect without reasons in logs. The server don't really crash because vehicles are still in the same place when I reconnect. BUT bots do not reconnect automaticatly.

It's like a little disconnection(1 second) and all players have this :

I have NOTHING in logs so this is why I hope you have an idea...

I use :
- debian 9 - 64 bits
- SA:MP 0.3.8 RC4-1
- mSelection edit for 0.3.8
- Incognito streamer (last version)
- Crash detect

To be honestly, I think this is not due to 0.3.8 version.. Hope you can help me.

Thanks for all
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Default Re: (Crash) connection lost without reason ?

Common bug, bad host or host had been on for too long, ****** it.
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