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Default What is roleplay

Can you explain me about roleplay samp?
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Default Re: What is roleplay

Roleplay is a game mode that simulates real life.
Some servers have lighter game modes and others harder.

The idea is to be an interpretation server, where you describe the actions your character is doing, such as grabbing something in a closet, in GTA the lockers don't open, just like the character doesn't reach out and open a closet door, right?
So, but this is supplied by the / me command, which you use to describe what you are doing, such as:

I extend my arm toward the closet, opening it.

The / me is replaced by the name of your character, something like:

Felipe Freeze extends his arm toward the closet, opening it.

And you can use / do to describe what's inside the closet, such as:

/ do Inside the cupboard there are 5 cracker packs and a cereal box.

This is interpreting something. (A shallow example)

But the idea of ​​Roleplay on SAMP is very focused on interpretation, not just exchanging shots and stealing little shops.
In a roleplay you will work, buy your car, your home, go to parties, restaurants, make friends or enemies.
If you prefer, you can go the criminal path, playing a gang member, mobster, or something like that, and rather create a story around your character's life and take it seriously, always worrying about not die and achieve your goals.

Unlike RPG servers, here you will not be a member of a gang, and with the same character join the police, and after a while go to another gang again, and then become a member of the government.
Remember, it's real life, your character has a unique storyline and you are free to create new characters (and on some servers, pay for a character name change) to follow a new path of your own.

That's basically it, but when you start playing you'll see that the horizon is much bigger.

** Sorry for my bad english.


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Default Re: What is roleplay

"Roleplaying(RP) - Taking a role, And playing it. You act as you act in real life. If you do not roleplay, You most likely will suffer the servers consequences. For example..- Being jailed, Kicked, Fined, Or even frozen." I think this is a useful post for you.
You can watch RP gameplay in SAMP on Apknite's page - my favourite one!
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