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Default Who do you think is the greatest sportsperson of all time / of their sport

hey guys,

i've been pondering over who is the greatest sportsman / sportswomen for about two weeks, and reading through forums ect for an answer. Or perhaps greats of their sports. And it seems quite hard to come to a decision, what with some sports being more statistical than others, and polls always being bugged by the country there based in (i.e. in america everyone will say michael jordan or whatever, in europe everyone says someone from association football. Which is why im going to ask you guys, my old sa-mp friends, to give us an idea. If you wanna have your two cents please follow the below format.

Also Note: Im not doing a poll here either, because association football will always win in one way or another due to its popularity.

if you can give REASONING for all : )

1. best from your country (this can be inside country sports too, i.e. NFL, canadian football, AFL, baseball ect.)

2. best from outside your country (different sport would be appreciated soccer fans please)

3. top 5 from across the board. each must be from a different sport please. can be in no particular order,

4. someone who is a top contender for no. 1, was a true gentlemen, and made a big impact on the game.

5. finally, someone who's got some really mindblowing statistic you want to share with us.

So here would be mine (im from australia):

1. Billy Slater. He's an NRL player (thats rugby league here) and even though im not a league fan he's damn good. watching him play the brisbane broncos the other night as fullback for the melbourne storm he was an unstoppable force, and forced me to turn off the tv at half time in the semi final because we were getting our arse kicked.

2. Michael Jordan - im not a bball fan or follower, but this guy is PRO.


Top 5 in no particular order

Lance Armstrong
Muhummad Ali ( i know i spelt muhammad wrong)
Sir Donald Bradman
Pele (i cant do the weird things with the keyboard its not european)
Tiger Woods

4. Going to have to put Bradman in here im afraid, as much as im trying to refrain from putting people twice. He was a true gent and a marvel for his age in the 1930's and 40's. His batting average finishing was 99.94, the closest to him being 62 odd, dwarving most other cricketers. And sure some will argue that the bowling wasn't as good back then, but to put it in context, nor was the batting, and thrashing people around giving people hope during the great depression really puts him up there. Not to mention his taking of the infamous bodyline series... I often hear about wild crowds at modern day events, filled with drunk hooligans ect. But nothing will beat hearing about an incident where all the upper class stand up in the members stand of the mcg and throw off their top hats and expensive blazers and start yelling and abusing the english team. First time a big uproar at sport kinda occured.

5. A big statistic you ask? hmmm im going to say Michael Phelps, gotta give him credit for his olympics performance. People will whine about drugs and so on, but the truth is he probably didn't take them, just one of a kind. He basically destroyed all the other attack, and the only event i saw him lose was the mens 4 x 100 medly or whatever it was, which if i do say myself, there was some stiff competition.

Now lets see what your opinions are.

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