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Default Re: OVH or Evolution?

I would personally recommend OVH.
You can start with a rather cheap VPS which you can always upgrade at a later time if you feel the need to.
Besides that, you can host multiple items on it. I also recall the ability to be able to customize a firewall.

Customer support was kind, DDoS protection was sufficient and did not experience any issues with it.
You do indeed share/rent a VPS, but I never had any issues with that. They offer what they can provide.

I can't tell you anything about Evolution hosting I'm afraid.
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Default Re: OVH or Evolution?

Evolution host just resells managed servers within OVH datacenters if I'm not mistaken. They'll take the responsability of setting up the server and all of that stuff for you, but not worth the extra price if you can do it yourself.

Also, what's better- Linux or Windows VPS?
Probably no objectively correct question, but Linux will probably give you the most performance out of your VPS when it comes to hosting
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Default Re: OVH or Evolution?

OVH clould vps doesn't have anti-ddos game, your server would still be vulnerable.
These ovh dedicated servers anti-ddos game and are for 31 Euros. (so you start are owned by ovh)
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Default Re: OVH or Evolution?

Large SA-MP projects have chosen us - (fast VPS with protection against DDoS attacks)

There are also dedicated servers in the Netherlands and Germany.

Contact by email we will pick up a configuration: (skype:
REACT.SU - The Best AntiDDoS Solution
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DIESEL-COMMUNITY.COM - We give life to SA-MP projects

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