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Little Clucker
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Default I'm looking for this PRISON map

I saw this in multiple servers (both DM and RP), even in cheap ones (no offense), I thought I could probably find it in SAMP forums, but I couldn't. If this map is released in the forums, can someone send me the link as me and my friends need it for our RP server? Much love.



"I've seen a lot of communities get built on SAMP and I've seen a lot of them die faster than you expect. I'm saying this because, in my opinion, if you are actually passionate about RPing and not just there to fuck around like some. Move to a better community.

All that roleplay, all that accumulated faction age, connections, status, etc.. that's not going to go anywhere once that community shuts down. All that time you spend playing and you're going to lose it all. All that effort. I am an excellent judge of quality and that community is not quality."
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Default Re: I'm looking for this PRISON map

I recently saw it on some map showcase, I couldn't find any release of it unfortunately.
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