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Default Re: #emit Discussion

There are some functions in amx_assembly for that. They aren't perfect, since it is not possible to always get a function's name, but if it is a public then there's no problem.

PHP Code:
new dest[32];
GetPublicNameFromAddress(GetCurrentFrameFunction(), dest); 
You can wrap that in a function, but it gets more complex, because those functions depend on their location in the stack:

PHP Code:
GetPublicNameFromAddress(GetFrameFunction(GetCurrentFramePreviousFrame()), name);

However, I'm not 100% sure if that will even work. There are three types of address - relative, absolute, and resolved. Relative addresses are things like "jump 4 bytes forward", absolute addresses are "jump to code at pawn address 128", resolved addresses are "jump to code at real memory address 0x40248238". I don't know which of those "GetPublicNameFromAddress" takes, and which of those "GetFrameFunction" returns - they might not be compatible by default, but there are various conversion functions about.
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Default Re: #emit Discussion

@Y_Less: Yes it's good, I'm going to look the codes to understand the logic.
PHP Code:
#include "amx\frame_info"

forward FirstCustomFunction();
forward SecondCustomFunction();



GetPublicNameFromAddress(GetFrameFunction(GetCurrentFramePreviousFrame()), dest);
dest); // FirstCustomFunction
GetPublicNameFromAddress(GetCurrentFrameFunction(), dest);
dest); // SecondCustomFunction


pawn Code:
print({1466458484, 543452960, 2037347616, 1952999790, 1797286260, 544694643, 543649646, 1851859053, 1634428192, 1056964608});
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