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Question Re: Your struggle, not ours.

Originally Posted by Sew_Sumi View Post
Because I wanted you to even try to clarify what you actually meant, but alas, you didn't and simply go into a tyrade another page and a half long...

Like I'm reading all your tripe.

Sorry, but you're not a moderator. The 'argument' you can't even explain. Nothing ignorant about asking what your point is when you post up 3 pages of unformatted tripe.

Silencing? No-ones silencing you in the slightest. I'm just saying this is the wrong section, literally.

No-one is avoiding anyone, you're avoiding the point though.

There is no warning to give as really, the topic is literally null and void.

Why have you been 'here' for so long, yet don't know what section this would more aptly apply to?

This isn't so much "Scripting Help" or "Discussion" as it is "Everything and Nothing", or fucking "General" for gods sakes.

This is after all what I said in the first instance... That I was sure that it was in the wrong section, of which, you've confirmed that.

Playing the victim only works when you are the victim, you're just mistaken on which position you are capable of taking.
You are bad at changing the words around, my friend, and all above has a perfect explanation of what I said.

- It basically says you are ignorant to read. So I am not a moderator, but I believe you are a forum user. If you read everything above first, you wouldn't even ask the question of where it supposed to be moved or in what way you wrote it down. I was directed to move it here. You should of realized this is a topic not about a bug, but a system flaw or problem. I also said already we don't know what to call it. It is unclassified. Who can settle it? Perhaps scripters. Leads to? Discussion. Nobody is sure. So we need a discussion about it. So basic read it all before asking, throwing words around and begin respecting the topic for what it is could of spared us some fuss.

- You clearly mentioned someone trolling you and being mad for 0.3.8. being cancelled. So in your mind, you place me with one of those you think are mad about it or sad. Also, mad about 0.3.8 was clearly directed at me, was it? Okay, so here is how I see it. I wasn't either sad or mad. I mentioned I was disappointed, sure, and where did I write it? In your response from before and also at the very beginning of this topic. Wow... It says this problem I posted or unusual discovery should be fixed before any major SA:MP update, yes, like 0,3.8 comes or something after. So yes, I will respond with the same matter and way you responded to me. I am not mad about it being cancelled. I am glad it was cancelled. If you mention I was mad, I will respond disrespectfully because you disrespectfully or clearly did not read the whole topic up there highlighted in red. In this topic, it clearly mentions I am aware of everything and I am giving answers to this community and want to hear their solutions.

- It tells you could of handled simple answers or even given ones out instead off using curse words at the very beginning, although not direct, and making the questions from them sound very rude and unhappy, which you did. Most likely because of your low tolerance or if you see something not to your liking, ya raise a tone in your mind.

How do you expect one to not to raise questions directed back at you and call you ignorant or wonder what your intentions are? Your first questions are questioned because I answered it already. The other question 0.3.8 I also explained already. All of them on the bloody and first three upper pages. The main page and the reply to Ritzy. So yes, I will respond this way. Do you understand? Like this is no better way of explaining it here.
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Default Re: Project: Community, Our Struggle

Still not seeing how this fits into Scripting Help, Discussion, compared to General, or Everything and Nothing.

I'm out anyway, it's obvious that you'll just bring a page and a half response to anything challenging you.
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