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Little Clucker
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Exclamation .:: «[MaXXiMuM FreeRoam]» ::.

This is a freeroam server, but you can do almost everything. (Stunt, Drift, Fun, DeathMatch, Jobs, Minigame, etc..)
Enjoy the options, what the server offers. We hope you'll like it, there's more than a 8 years work behind it.

• IP:
• Version: 0.3.7
• The owners are: kurta999 and David94
• Server forum:
• Description:,3791.0.html

• Mode lines: 70.000+.
• More than 100.000+ objects.
• More than 1700 vehicles.
• More than 1500 commands.
• More than 2100 houses for sale.
• More than 200 businesses for sale.
• More than 300 teleport.
• More than 200 races.
• More than 109 goldpots.

There are several textdraws on the server, all of them are can be turned off/on with or without saving. Do this with the /tds command.

You can buy house after you reached the level 10! The prices of the houses are between 500.000 and 10.000.000. If you have more expensive house you'll get more payment. Use the /propdata command to check it!

You can buy a business beside your house which gives you more income. Same things concern to it like with the houses, but you can't buy equipments and car to it. However you can change its icon* and the entering prize**.

Gangwar: You have to choose a team: Grove, Ballas, Vagos or Aztecas. There are 40 territory; every gangs have 10 territories and 20 vehicles. There is a checkpoint on every territory. You have to stay there for 20 seconds to begin occupuying the enemy gang's territory. You can only occupie when both gangs have 2-2 members in the gangwar. The occupuying time is 100 seconds. During this time you have to kill the enemy gang members. Which gang has more kills during the time it will be the "winner" and gets that territory. After the time expires and the kill ratio is equal then the next killer's gang will take that territory. Every gangs have a main territory where the players spawn. You can only uccupie this territory if your gang has occupied every other territories. If your gang lost its main territory your team would be out of the game. After a gang uccupies every territory the gangwar ends and then begin again. The winners will get +250 XP and 1.000.000$. To leave the Gangwar use the /leave command.
To use the Gangwar chat, type !text. (!Hello, !Whats up?)

Because the Free Play Mode is not planned for killing, it is created an opportunity where you can do this. You can find about 150 of DM zones. Type the /dms command to enter. If you kill a player, he drops a couple of money that you can pick up. Also every kill will give you 2 XP. There is KillStreak, it is displayed if you have killed three or more people without dying. The killstreak gives you (killstreak * 1000) dollars and +killstreak XP. Take advantage of this opportunity, live with it! (Maximum 15 killstreak gives you extra money & XP). From the level 25 you have access to create DM. Here you can choose Team DeathMatch or basic DeathMatch, you can set special weather, weapons, HP/armour and team names. These can also edit these parameters later.
To leave the DM, type the /leave command.

• Derby Minigame: /derby -> Clear
• Fallout Minigame: /fallout -> Don't fall down from the moving objects!
• Shooting Range: /range -> Shoot down the fishes!
• Gangwar: /gangwar -> Gangwar!
• Capture The Car: /ctc -> Steal the enemy team's vehicle!
• Hay: /hay -> Such as fallout, no fall.
• Snake: /snake -> Classic snake minigame.
• ColorMatch: /colormatch -> Jumping in given colored square.
• Daily Objectives: /taskhelp -> Known from GTA V daily tasks's samp version.
You can exit with the /leave command!

• Horseshoes
• Oysters
• Snapshots
• Graffiti
• Stunt jumps
• Goldpots
• Flag
• Bonuscar

• Speedboost
• Carjump
• Flip
• Super brake
• Spin
• Carfly

You can add clothes to your character instead of objects. However, if you do, your holding objects will be removed from your skin. This is an outdated method but it works. Use the /clothes command to check out the clothes.

The essence of this that you put down 2 portals at any point of San Andreas and if you go into that markers you can teleport from the first portal to the second or from the second to the first. Put down portals with the /portal command. You just have to take out an M4 then do: AIMING + SHIFT + SHOOTING combination to put down the first portal. To put down the second portal use the: AIMING + ALT + SHOOTING combination and walk into the portal.


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