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East Side Roleplay, hosted on the most recent version of SA-MP, 0.3 DL.
At EastSideGaming we believe in a no-set-standard roleplay server, which basically means that, whilst what is typically defined as heavy roleplay is expected, we welcome players from all levels of roleplay, permitting that it fits within the general rules of roleplay and is considered realistic.
The administratos and developers over at East Side Gaming are aiming to provide all community members with an experience that enables them to grow, better their roleplay knowledge, make friends, have fun and get completely immersed into the roleplay world! This server offers several key features, such as the weapon system, faction system, housing system and so on, that have been heavily focused on and we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we enjoyed planning and making them! Want to learn more? Keep reading!

Connection Details

At EastSide Gaming we blieve in player driven roleplay, which means that anything a player does has consequences. This may be limited to just the player himself, but can quickly have effect on all of us!

WEAPON SYSTEM - The weapon system was, and always will be, a key feature of Grand Theft Auto itself, which is why we've poured a lot of our focus into making the weapon system as realistic as we can. In our case, this system was built entirely from scratch by our developers, and is one of a kind. We have based all of our weapons off of real life weapons, that means weapons hold similar value to real life. A small fast moving bullet will penetrate armour better, where as a higher caliber will deal more damage to flesh and property.

DYNAMIC FACTION/GANG SYSTEM - The term "faction" is used to define any official government faction, gang, or anything within similar regions.
East Side Roleplay offers a dynamic faction and gang script, which enables administrators to both create and edit factions and gangs in-game rather than needing to directly edit the script, which saves a whole lot of time and hassle. The script also has a "faction rights" and "faction type" system installed, which, when set up, will determine what the faction is able to do with commands that have been installed into the server. For example, organizations that roleplay as weapon smugglers will be granted permission to smuggle illegal weaponry into the Country, whilst those in Law Enforcement Agencies will be able to access our variety of law enforcement related commands.

HOUSE & BUSINESS SYSTEMS - Much like our faction and gang system, our houses and business systems are both dynamic, meaning administrators are able to set up, delete and edit houses and businesses directly in-game.
This also means that players are easily able to request for an administrator to plant a house or business in a specific location. You're also able to perform a whole variety of actions within your house or business, whether that's from storing drugs and money to setting the radio channel within your business or even storing illegal weaponry in the back.

BASIC JOB SYSTEMS - Something we know is important to all players is an easy and efficient way to earn money right off the bat, which is why we've ensured that proper basic jobs have been set up for your entertainment.

PIZZA DELIVERY - It's your job to get out there and deliver those smoking hot pizzas from Idlewood Pizza Stacks. Using one of the companies bikes, you must ensure pizzas get delivered quickly and safely. You're able to take up to 5 pizzas at once and, depending on your performance, you may find that your customer even gives you a tip on top of your base pay!

WASTE MANAGEMENT - As a member of the El Corona Waste Management Team, you'll need to venture the streets of California in a Trashmaster and collect all of the waste stored in rubbish bins around he city. Once you're done, you'll need to head back to the Waste Management site to unload what you've collected during your shift.

BUSINESS DELIVERY - Someone's got to deliver those goods to keep the businesses running! You'll need to use one of the delivery vans found over in Ocean Docks, load it up with supplies and then you'll be ready to hit the road! Your van will hold up to five boxes of supplies for you to deliver around the city before you need to return to Ocean Docks for a refill.

ECONOMY - The economy was one of the most important things for us to consider when developing East Side Roleplay. There has been extremely careful consideration when it comes to this script, and a lot of the economy will essentially be player controlled. As an example, drugs and weapons may only be imported by illegal factions when a specific fee is paid. The faction must then sell the aforementioned for an even higher price for it to be profitable.[/color]

PDnet - To facilitate law enforcement roleplay we have developed an inhouse CAD / Terminal system which our LEO's can use to fill in reports, create casefiles, and much more!

We're constantly looking to improve the script everyday and the features listed above are only a few that we have on East Side Roleplay. We're very focused on good and effective communication with our community members, so we're always ready to welcome any feedback or suggestions so we can help make the server a better place for all of you. Thank you all for ready and we hope to see you around on East Side Roleplay!
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