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Default [0.3.DL] Lineage Roleplay

Hello, I would like to introduce to you "Lineage Roleplay". This is an upcoming roleplay server which I am working on, and I have started the project two days ago. Me and the /team/ are working on it, but we still need a lot of help. We have a tester system right now, and we need new testers so anything you can help with would be very appreciated. I am going to explain the server in a few words.

- User System:
The user system is similiar to other roleplay servers. We have a system where you will have to register a main account, and after you do that you can have up to 3 characters on your main account. All characters's data will be different. For example, you have $1,000,000 to John Smith but you won't have that amount to other characters. So you can choose any character to roleplay on. This was highly suggested to me and I decided to make it as suggested. Anything can be changed in the future if players don't like it. here's a picture on how it looks. (P.S: Ignore the 8 characters on that picture, I created random stuff because I had an issue with it which was fixed and it then showed all the characters created, you can only have 3 characters on your main account).

- Jobs:
We are still working on bringing interesting and realistic jobs to you, we want to have something different from other servers which is not boring and players can enjoy it and earn money at the same time. We would like a lot of suggestions from you and any help would be appreciated.

- Factions:
We are working on a dynamic faction system which is soon being completed, so basically everyone can have their own faction but for any faction to become official, the leader and the members of it must be active posting roleplay screenshots on our forum (which will be available later). There will be legal factions as well, like LSPD, SASD, LSFD, and others.

- Faction Opportunities
Illegall factions will have the opportunity to use the spray can and for a faction to be able to use it, it must be official. So as soon as a faction becomes official, they will be granted access to use our spray can system which is very interesting. If you don't know what that means, you basically can type anything you want in the walls if you're a member of a gang. Offensive and/or insults will be removed and will get you banned.

Weapon System Not a lot of factions will be able to get weapons. Official factions will get from 70 to 100 packaged guns in a week, and they are required to sell them to other gangs who are unofficial.

House System
We thought about this too, we are working on a dynamic house system and a player can have up to 2 houses, this can be increased at any times but we like to keep it as it is now. We will have our suggestions open once the forum and website are up.

Do you like it? Well, don't hesistate! Join us:

Anything you would like to help us with would be very appreciated.

We are looking for Developers and Testers. If you're either one, please contact me on discord or by sending a private message here. Thanks for joining and we really hope you enjoy it, have fun!
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