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Default Ammo bug for unskilled players

Here is another bug I found.

On my alpha server, I have coded a command to give people weapons. But I have a ammo bug when I'm giving a weapon that can be a dual weapon (9mm, tec9, mac10, sawn offs).

Remember that in ALL examples the player is unskilled for every weapon (I've set 0 to every weapon):
-the player is currently carrying a baseball bat, I give him 9mm with let's say 100 ammo: he then switches with a 9mm and 17 rounds in the clip
-the player is currently carrying a 9mm, I give him another 9mm with 100 ammo: he still has a 9mm in only one hand, BUT it has 34 rounds in the clip!
-the player currently has a mp5, I give him a Mac10 with 100 rounds: the player has only one Mac10, but with 100 rounds in the clip!
-if the player has this bug, and empties his gun, then when he reloads the rounds amount come back to normal
-also, still if the player has this bug, if he switches to another weapon, and come back on the bugged one, the rounds in clip is back to normal

Fortunately, the player still has the normal unskilled anims even with that bug, he just shoots 2 times what his clip is supposed to have in it.

So my conclusion about this: this bug occurs if the previous carried weapon and the given one are in the same weapon slot (shotgun/spaz/sawn offs for example).

Hope this bug report will help to unbug 0.3a.
decondelite, A.K.A Jarek

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