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Little Clucker
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Default [TUT] Realistic/Unique Roleplay script

Hi everyone,

as you can see there are no many realistic roleplay server anymore out there (maybe only few) and every once in a while a new roleplay server pops up which runs for a month or two and then closes. Is it because people got tired of roleplay server in general or there are no more unique ideas? I would go with a second reason. Most of those servers are using edited script and they just change text color, faction names, spawn point, done some mapping and that's it. The worst part is they're advertising it as a "unique" script while they haven't scripted anything in it.


If someone somehow manages to make something unique (even though it's hard these days to create something as we already saw many features and scripts) they ruin it with non realistic and unnecessary mapping (we're still talking about realistic roleplay not rpg's).

I'll show you two examples what I mean by unrealistic and unnecessary. On first picture you can see most common map of LSPD exterior these days: CLICK FOR PICTURE
I know some of you might like that way of mapping LSPD exterior but in my opinion that kind of mapping suits more rpg and tdm/dm servers.
If you want to make it realistic, do something like this: CLICK FOR PICTURE
It doesn't have to have to many objects. It's doesn't have to be textured either as long as it fits in the surrounding.

Another example is trying to create a modern-looking building which ends up badly: CLICK FOR PICTURE
There is no need for creating something like this kind of building but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Who knows, maybe you'll create something amazing. Area can still look realistic and nice even if you add few objects: CLICK FOR PICTURE
But keep in mind which neighborhood you're mapping in. Don't place to many trash objects in Vinewood or Market.


As I already said, creating unique idea is not easy but don't give up too early. Sit down and think. Think what would you like to see in your script. Look outside of window, try to see something interesting that you haven't seen on any other server. Think of some other game you played and try to imagine that game as a roleplaying game. There are a lot of games out there whose features can be created in SAMP. I'll give you few examples.

- Think of a Far Cry Primal game, wouldn't that be an awesome roleplay experience. Without technology of any kind, just you, your friends (or even a tribe) and a spear in your hands (bow and arrow, club, stone, sharp stick as a knife etc). You have to hunt, build your village, trade goods (instead of using money), collect and consume plants, learn new skills which can aid you. Of course you would have to script some kind of realistic events which occurred in that era but you can search everything about it on web.

- WW2 era and post-war era. This can be scripted in different ways. You can make like war era but instead of fighting on battlefield you can make a life in a city/town during that era. Limited resources, bringing a culture of that era, creating events like city bombing where sirens would alert of incoming attack and you would have to run for cover while random explosions appear on map (simulates dropping bombs).
Another way this can be done is creating something similar to L.A. Noire and The Godfather games (also movie). Old cars, small paychecks, way of life during that time, limited technology, phone booth (no cellphones), make city authentic (no modern building). If you haven't played those games check gameplay on web.

- Roleplay on custom island similar to Far Cry 3 one while including elements of Tomb Raider games (2013, Rise of T.R. and Shadow of T.R.) where you would have to craft items and buy it from one of the villages. This is similar to survival script but try to keep it roleplay. Make jobs, interesting events (ex. cargo ship is passing once every week by the island and you have an opportunity to steal goods from it). Factions like pirates and natives can be created or you can roleplay as a stranded person. Possibilities are limitless.

- As for fictional Roleplay, why not star Star Wars based roleplay? Make lightsabers from textured objects, force using (push/pulling player) can be done with velocity and other methods of force using can be done with particle objects (water, smoke, fire etc.). Custom human races can be done even without DL version using masks and other attaching objects. Just use your imagination.


Be open-minded, don't edit just text color and context in your script. Try not to use script edit at all, create your own one the way you want it. Sit down and write your ideas and imagine them in SAMP in your head first. Not everything can be achieved but you can make something similar. Something unique. I hope someone will find this useful. Cheers everyone.

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Default Re: [TUT] Realistic/Unique Roleplay script

Originally Posted by Vuky View Post
Be open-minded, don't edit just text color and context in your script. Try not to use script edit at all, create your own one the way you want it.
I'm sorry what?

And when it comes to opening a server, everyone has their own approach to it.

A new Heavy Roleplay server.

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Default Re: [TUT] Creating realistic Roleplay script

Ohh, that's great!

This function is simply used in the private network of the provider, it also depends on the Internet and its high-speed traffic connection, we use the main mode of the platform to implement all plans in the future, the use of this plugin will be closed to the public viewing of the user.

If this publication is considered by the developer Kalcor it is very cool, by the way about the developer for a long time it was not in the network on the forum and in general it does not appear here recently, very strange.
I've just developed a new design if you wish, I can send the for download in your private messages.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: [TUT] Creating realistic Roleplay script

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Little Clucker
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Default Re: [TUT] Creating realistic Roleplay script

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