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Big Clucker
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Default [Help] deathmatch

i have made a deathmatch zone near the LS airport, (xobjects)

When i get there i can't see the objects.. just a few walls, but nothing in there.. i changed the last parameter from the xobjects addvehicle line.. ( {id,x,y,z,rotation_x,rotation_y,rotation_z,500 (distance)} )

as i know that parameter is the distance that makes the object visible (distant from the object to you), i changed it to 200 (worked for my first MegaJump & MegaRamp map) and it always crashed when near.

i decided to change it from xObjects to normal objects (CreateObject), it partially worked but it kinda bugged a bit mi gamemode default objects (that also were with CreateObject)...

there are 187 objects and it took me like 2 hours and i really like that map.

Some help please? would be great

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Default Re: [Help] deathmatch

You can't use CreateObject if you use a streamer.

Streamers work by only creating objects near to you, if you use CreateObject, those objects will ALWAYS be there then thus making the streamer useless.
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