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Default Kudos House System

Kudos House System

Come again for big fudge?
This is a House System based on BlueG's MySQL for saving. Players can Buy/Sell houses using this system. Houses are managed by House Admins which are chosen by RCON admins.

Why did I waste my time on this?
I did not. I was making a house system for my server and I thought why not share it with people on forums. It took me a few hours making this. This script could save those hours for any other scripter.


  • ZCMD
  • BlueG's MySQL R41-4
  • sscanf2
  • Streamer
  • Zones Include


All the Script Related Help is Provided on the Wiki

How to Setup the Database?
There are 2 Ways:
1> A .sql file is provided inside the download, which you can upload to your databse from PHPMyAdmin.
2>With the download, a .txt file is provided with the table code. If user doesnt wanna upload the file to PHPMyAdmin, he can use that code inside the Filterscript/GM to create the table.

Remember to find these lines and change the MySQL Database Information.
PHP Code:
//============={MySQL Defines}================
#define DB_HOST "localhost"
#define DB_USER "root"
#define DB_NAME "csrp"
#define DB_PASS ""
Any other question, You can ask me here.
I Might added other features like House Vault, Rent System etc in future. Also, You can easily make Key system integrated with this script. Players can give their keys to other players. You can use PVars to do that. I havent added in the script but its not that hard to script.

PHP Code:
#include <a_samp> //SAMP Team
#include <a_mysql> //BlueG - MySQL R41-4
#include <streamer> //streamer - Incognito
#include <sscanf2> //sscanf - Y_LESS, Emmet_ and maddinat0r
#include <zones> //Zones - Cueball
#include <zcmd> //Zeex 

I don't help for rep. I help cuz I was helped in the past.

California State Roleplay - X Update Now under beta testing phase. Stay Tuned.

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