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Little Clucker
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Default Re: [New] How to make capture zone system (no more code repeating)

Originally Posted by Gammix View Post
You did some changes to the original code, looks like. Might be something you are doing wrong, can't tell from the code you provided.

But before changing anything, you should put and trst the origibal code first. See if there's any bugs and if so report them. Let me know.
I just fixed it, I forgot to check if the base is already captured by a guild..

PHP Code:
if(!strcmp(GetClanName(_Info[playerid][pClan]), _bInfo[i][ConquistedBy], false)) return SendClientMessage(playeridCOLOR_TOMATO"This zone is already yours."); 
I'll test all the system to catch bugs.
Regards, and thanks for the tutorial.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: [New] How to make capture zone system (no more code repeating)

PHP Code:
{"Lost Airport", {-3324224462564}, {416.51282450.194616.5000}, 0
what's wrong ? I got tag mismatch

EDIT: Fixed I just need to add .0 :3
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