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Default Help me

I code this code for Cops in my server. And I do not know how to make this code a part. As I typed this command it will appear on the [Fatty Key and it will automatically load [5, 4, 3, 2, 1] . It is the same as when you type the [server maintenance] command, it will show the letters and numbers.
PHP Code:
PlayerInfo[playerid][pDuty] && IsACop(playerid))
//SendClientMessageEx(playerid, COLOR_RED, "* Listing all gates within 5 meters of you...");
for(new iFloatfGatePos[3], gateidstring[128], szMessage[32]; MAX_GATESi++)
GetDynamicObjectPos(GateInfo[i][gGATE], fGatePos[0], fGatePos[1], fGatePos[2]);
IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid5fGatePos[0], fGatePos[1], fGatePos[2]))
GateInfo[i][gModel] != 0)
//format(szMessage, sizeof(szMessage), "Gate ID %d (VW: %d)", i, GateInfo[i][gVW]);
//format(string,sizeof(string),"|___________ Password Gate (ID: %d) ___________|", gateid);
                    //format(string, sizeof(string), "PassWord Gate: %s", GateInfo[i][gPass]);

SendClientMessageEx(playeridCOLOR_GRAD2"Ban khong phai la nhan vien nha nuoc.");

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Default Re: Help me

You mean you want a countdown to be shown?
PHP Code:
new 1str[5];
format(strsizeof(str), "%d"i);
SendClientMessage(playerid, -1str); 


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