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Big Clucker
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Default How to see other player stats?

For example: The /check command.

You write for example /check 1 (/check and the ID).

And it comes up with the statistics of the player 1 (ID 1)..

I can only make /stats. To show your own statistics.
But how to make it to check for other player?
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Default Re: How to see other player stats?

Instead of playerid, replace it with targetid or whatever your variable's name is. So instead of:

pawn Code:

Make it:

pawn Code:

PS: targetid should be a valid ID, so use sscanf for that or check if it is not equal to INVALID_PLAYER_ID


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Little Clucker
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Default Re: How to see other player stats?

Using sscanf and Pawn.CMD you just do something like this.

PHP Code:

    if (
SendClientMessage(playerid0xFF0000AA"Usage: /check <playerid/name>");

// stats here

return 1;

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Old 09/03/2019, 11:29 PM   #4
Little Clucker
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Default Re: How to see other player stats?

I use this.

forward ShowStats(playerid,targetid);
public ShowStats(playerid,targetid)
	new admin = pInfo[targetid][pAdmin];
	new vipp = pInfo[targetid][pVip];
	new fvip[32];
	if(freevip == 1) {fvip="{FFA200}Yes";}
	else if(freevip == 0) {fvip="{FFA200}No";}
	new kills = pInfo[targetid][pKills];
	new deaths = pInfo[targetid][pDeaths];
	new money[256];
	format(money,sizeof(money),"{00D400}%s$",FormatNumber( pInfo[targetid][pMoney], 0, ',' ));
	new level = pInfo[targetid][pLevel];
	new ws = pInfo[targetid][pWs];
	new muted[32];
	if(pInfo[targetid][pMuted] >= 1) { muted = "{FF0000}Yes"; }
	else if(pInfo[targetid][pMuted] == 0 ) { muted = "{00FF00}No"; }
	new jailed[32];
	if(pInfo[targetid][pJailed] >= 1) { jailed = "{FF0000}Yes"; }
	else if(pInfo[targetid][pJailed] == 0 ) { jailed = "{00FF00}No"; }
	new amute[32];
	if(pInfo[targetid][pAdminMuted] >= 1) { amute = "{FF0000}Yes"; }
	else if(pInfo[targetid][pAdminMuted] == 0 ) { amute = "{00FF00}No"; }
	new aunmute[256];
	format(aunmute,sizeof(aunmute),"{00D400}%s$",FormatNumber( pInfo[targetid][pAdminMutedPrice], 0, ',' ));
	new string[2000];
	format(string,sizeof(string),"{FFFFFF}Статистика на %s\n\nLevel: {FFA200}%d {FFFFFF}| Admin Level: {FF0000}%d {FFFFFF}| VIP: {FFA200}%d{FFFFFF} | Free VIP: %s {FFFFFF}| Kills: %d {FFFFFF}| Deaths: %d{FFFFFF}\nMoney: %s {FFFFFF}| Weapon Skill: %d {FFFFFF}| Muted: %s {FFFFFF}| Jailed: %s{FFFFFF} | Admin Muted: %s {FFFFFF}| Admin Unmute Price: %s",GetName(targetid),level,admin,vipp,fvip,kills,deaths,money,ws,muted,jailed,amute,aunmute);
CMD:check(playerid, params[]) 
    new giveplayerid; 

    if (sscanf(params, "u", giveplayerid)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFF0000AA, "Usage: /check <playerid/name>"); 

    return 1; 
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Default Re: How to see other player stats?

CMD:stats(playerid, params[])

new oplayerid;
if(sscanf(params, "u", oplayerid) 
  if(!IsPlayerConnected(oplayerid)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "Player Not Connected");
return 1;
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