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Big Clucker
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Default /licences on dialog help

This is my licences command,it works,but when one licence has 0 hours,i want to make it to write Driving:Expired,not Driving:0, for example,i want for all of them not only the driving one

CMD:licences(playerid, params[]) return ShowLicences(playerid);

function ShowLicences(playerid){

new szDialog[256];
format(szDialog, sizeof(szDialog), "{ff0000}Driving:{ffffff} %d\n{ff0000}Flying:{ffffff} %d\n{ff0000}Boat:{ffffff} %d\n{ff0000}Bike:{ffffff} %d\n{ff0000}Weapon:{ffffff} %d",
PlayerInfo[playerid][pCarLicence], PlayerInfo[playerid][pFlyLicence], PlayerInfo[playerid][pBoatLicence], PlayerInfo[playerid][pBikeLicence], PlayerInfo[playerid][pGunLicence]);
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DIALOG_LICENCES, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "Your licences", szDialog, "OK", "");
return 1;
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: /licences on dialog help

PHP Code:
function ShowLicences(playerid){


format(carLicencesizeof(carLicence), "expired");

format(carLicencesizeof(carLicence), "%d"PlayerInfo[playerid][pCarLicence]);

format(szDialogsizeof(szDialog), "{ff0000}Driving:{ffffff} %s\n{ff0000}Flying:{ffffff} %d\n{ff0000}Boat:{ffffff} %d\n{ff0000}Bike:{ffffff} %d\n{ff0000}Weapon:{ffffff} %d",
carLicencePlayerInfo[playerid][pFlyLicence], PlayerInfo[playerid][pBoatLicence], PlayerInfo[playerid][pBikeLicence], PlayerInfo[playerid][pGunLicence]);
ShowPlayerDialog(playeridDIALOG_LICENCESDIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX"Your licences"szDialog"OK""");

Originally Posted by OnlyMiniGames View Post
format(szDialog, sizeof(szDialog), "{ff0000}Driving:{ffffff} %s\n{ff0000}Flying:{ffffff} %d\n{ff0000}Boat:{ffffff} %d\n{ff0000}Bike:{ffffff} %d\n{ff0000}Weapon:{ffffff} %d",
PlayerInfo[playerid][pCarLicence] ? {PlayerInfo[playerid][pCarLicence]}:"Driving:Expired", PlayerInfo[playerid][pFlyLicence], PlayerInfo[playerid][pBoatLicence], PlayerInfo[playerid][pBikeLicence], PlayerInfo[playerid][pGunLicence]);
This don't gonna work because you are trying to format PlayerInfo[playerid][pCarLicence] like a string, and it is not a string.
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