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Default Re: [INC]Trajectory - V 0.1 || By ~Cueball~

It seems very nice, and well organized thread. Good job, Cueball.
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Ballu Miaa
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Default Re: [INC]Trajectory - V 0.1 || By ~Cueball~

Looks good but seems real advance to me. What else can i script using this include?

I will take half payment as an advance to script for you.
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Default Re: [INC]Trajectory - V 0.1 || By ~Cueball~

Originally Posted by [HLF]Southclaw View Post
Hey, I just decided to use this again (I did a while ago but didn't understand trajectory enough)
Now I'm back with more knowledge!

But, I can't seem to find the rotation angle?
I'm assuming 'angle' is the angle of elevation, but I can't see where I input the angle of rotation in your example.

If there is none, then how can I change the direction of my flight path?

Say I want to set an array of paths in the direction 46 degrees from north, angled 60 degrees in the air and a heading velocity of 15 m/s and to land at a base of -5.0...
I hope you realize you've made people think that this is a recent addition to the forum! Haha! Flawless bump indeed.

Anyways, I've not given much look into the matter but I'm fairly certain you'd need something along the lines of:
pawn Code:
const NUM_ELEMENTS = 30; // This can be any arbitrary number, it merely represents the number of "steps" into the trajectory. For a smoother transition, a larger number of steps is ideal.


GetFlightData(-5.0, 15.0, 60.0, data);

for(new i = 0; i < sizeof(data); ++i)
    CreateObject(1337, x + (data[i][FLIGHT_DISTANCE] * floatsin(-46.0, degrees)), y + (data[i][FLIGHT_DISTANCE] * floatcos(-46.0, degrees)), z + data[i][FLIGHT_HEIGHT], 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);

Hopefully I've helped some!

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Default Re: [INC]Trajectory - V 0.1 || By ~Cueball~

Interesting to make throwable weapons or a golf minigame, haha.
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