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Little Clucker
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Default :: We're looking for a development team!


I've just added two scripters to my team. The first scripter is maybe a known scripter to you all, which is CueЯvo (Creater of Raven's Roleplay) and Kyle. Both of them will lead the Development team on the server, so if you still are interested as a position as a scripter, I suggest you contact either one of them, because of now, they lead the team.

But in the meanwhile, check our website out, out, and see the latest updates regarding the server!

We're looking forward to have you on the server.

Founder and Owner

Originally Posted by eluzi0n
Hey there. I'm Frankie and I am the owner of, a RP server. We just recently started up. I got EVERYTHING at set, website (, ventrilo and a game server, all hosted from But the major problem is - I don't have a GM. I mean, I thought I had a GM. I was promised a GM by a certain person in exchange that I hosted and supplied with funds. I did, but the other one didn't, he sold me out. So now, I am left with nothing but the things I have. I have all the ingredients of making a server, I just need either a bloody good scripter or a good dynamic GM.

So if anyone wish to voulenteer, they will be guaranteed an admin spot on the admin team. There will also be pointed out a Development Team Director, which normally will be the one leading major projects regarding the server.

So if anyone wants to take a part of a huge project like this, then sign up now. Eventually when the server recieves donations, maybe some of the scripters will get paid, but that will be in the future of course.

If you are a good scripter, or have a really good GM, please don't hesitate contacting me on MSN:

That was kinda about it, and thanks.

Owner and Founder
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Default Re: :: We're looking for a development team!

I've just updated my GM here

If you host it I might script updates just for your server and not release them on the forums
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Default Re: :: We're looking for a development team!

Funny how your "known" scripters had to ask me how to convert a gamemode to 0.3, and how you've stolen several ideas from alternate servers.
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