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Default Zombie Mode SA:MP (0.3.7)

Zombie Mode SA:MP is a classic zombie server existed since 2012. The basic concept of the script was to create the Counter-Strike: Source Zombie Mod into SA:MP, although it was altered a lot from that idea, the original idea came from that.

IP & Forums:


Gameplay & Information:

There are over 60 maps in the server and there are some still being made! You spawn as a human and you have 60 seconds to buy your gear. Your gear includes weapons, perks, skins, weapon packs, toys and much more. The rest of the time you will find a spot and survive for the reminder of the map. After 60 seconds the first zombie will be chosen and the infection spreads. It's very basic, but also VERY fun! Come join the fun!

Zombie Classes:

The first health is V.I.P versus non V.I.P players

Classic Zombie - 11500 HP (Default HP: 10000)
Jumper Zombie - 9520 HP (Default HP: 8000)
Big Zombie - 13500 HP (Default HP: 12000)
Regenerating Zombie - 15000 HP (Default HP: 11520)
Boomer Zombie - 7000 HP (Default HP: 6500)
Alpha Boomer Zombie - 7500 HP (Default HP: 7000)
Hunter Zombie - 7500 (Default HP: 7000)
Camoflauge Zombie - 12500 HP (Default HP: 9520)
Screamer Zombie - 12000 HP (Default HP: 11000)
Alpha Zombie - 18000 HP (Default HP: 16500)

Core Features:

- Zombie VS Human System
- Best Infection system out there (knives no chainsaw b.s)
- Token System (Buy toys or other stuff)
- Zombie Class System (very unique)
- Perk System (includes Medic, Double Tap, Extra HP etc..)
- Custom Server Health (GOES UP TO 70,000 HP for zombies, but the weapon system is built for that to)
- Custom Weapon System
- Custom Weapon Damage System

and alot more. Join Today!
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