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Default Welcome to Phoenix V LSCnR! (30 players ig)

Phoenix V
Los Santos Cops & Robbers

Phoenix V - Los Santos Cops & Robbers v2.61: (2019-06-09)**

Welcome to Phoenix V - Los Santos Cops & Robbers!

We are a San Andreas Multiplayer based Cops & Robbers gaming community. Formerly a part of CODE5, Phoenix V aims to give you an immersive and fun CnR experience to enjoy with friends or by yourself, and hopefully with the many friends you will make here at Phoenix V. Our server consists of players from all over the world, and is a place where everyone is welcome, no matter who you are or where you are from.

Join us today and begin your journey to become either the most legendary S.W.A.T officer Los Santos has ever seen, or the Tony Montana of the criminal underworld. Or why not both? Create factions and take on Los Santos as cops and bring law and order to the city, or bring chaos and fear to the city as criminals. Our Cops and Robbers server is one of the best known CnR scripts in SAMP, and we're very happy to be able to bring it back for you to enjoy, with regular updates and better than ever.

What is the IP adress of the server?
Our server is located at:
We look forward to seeing you ingame!

Is there a Discord channel for the server and its community?
We absolutely have a discord channel, and you're more than welcome to join us there aswell!

Why are you called Phoenix?
In greek mythology, the phoenix is a legendary bird that rises from its own ashes once it has died. It is therefore immortal, and has come to symbolize resurrection and renewal. The Cops & Robbers we present to you was formerly a part of CODE5, a SAMP based gaming community, for over 5 years. It eventually lost players, and was recently purchased in order to be resurrected and renewed, like a phoenix, by the new owner, Royal.

What does the V stand for?
The V in Phoenix V is a tribute to the community that formerly hosted the server, CODE5. With the blessing from the owner of CODE5, the V was added to the name of the server. V is the roman numeral for 5.

Is this server a part of CODE5?
No, Phoenix V is not a part of CODE5, but was started by and consists of many CODE5 players.

If I played on Phoenix V before the reset, can I still access my account?
No, all accounts that were registered prior to the server reset have been deleted, you will have to create a new account. If you have/had an account on CODE5 CnR, read below for information on how you can retrieve some of its stats.

Can I get my stats and account back from CODE5 LSCnR?
You are able to retrieve your account and keep 35% of your stats from CODE5 LSCnR. More information on how to do so below.

(CODE5 LSCnR players only) How to get your stats back and transfer your account from CODE5 to Phoenix V
In order for you to retrieve your stats from CODE5 LSCnR, we have created an easy to use system for you to do so with ease.
Note: Money, PK's etc. will not be refunded due to an economic reset.

1. Use the link below and enter your CODE5 LSCnR ingame username and password. IMPORTANT: Make sure you are not ingame in either CODE5 LSCnR or Phoenix V LSCnR

2. Read and check the three boxes to proceed.

3. Click transfer to complete the process.

4. Your account has now been transferred to Phoenix V. You can now log in to Phoenix V with your CODE5 LSCnR account. Your username and password will be the same as it was in CODE5.

About factions
Because we want to promote a sense of belonging and community. We will be offering ingame financial support to old factions from CODE5, so that they can be re-created in Phoenix V. This financial aid will consist of several millions of ingame dollars to the faction owner to create the faction and purchase faction weapons. The requirements to apply and receive this financial support can be found here:

(More pictures to be added later on)

Some pictures and vids:

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