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Where is an error in this code? Because i got wrong result.

stock Veiksmas(playerid, Float:Skaicius, type)
    new Float:RezultatasBendras;
    if(type == 1) RezultatasBendras= floatsub(pInfo[playerid][Bendras], Skaicius);
    else RezultatasBendras= floatadd(pInfo[playerid][Bendras], Skaicius);
    new msg[126];
    format(msg, 126, "1. - %.2f, 2. - %.2f, Result: - %.2f", pInfo[playerid][Bendras], Skaicius, RezultatasBendras);
    SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, msg);
    pInfo[playerid][Bendras] = RezultatasBendras;
    new etcString[18];
    format(etcString, 18, "%.2f", RezultatasBendras);
    SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, etcString);
Result photo:

Thanks, for help.
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