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Little Clucker
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Default Crash at running

hello there!
I have a script I compilied it and its compiled too, mysql database is connected, but I don't know what's the Problem.
I can't see any problem in logs, I just got this in crashdetect logs

HTML Code:
======================== FCNPC Exception Handler ===============================
Address: 0x61E51E00

EAX: 0x00000000 - EBX: 0x007FB0B8 - ECX: 0x61E5C5B0 - EDX: 0x61E5C590
ESI: 0x006B9824 - EDI: 0x619fee11 - EBP: 0x0019FD64 - ESP: 0x0019FD50

0x0: 0x61E58EBE - 0x4: 0x006B9824 - 0x8: 0x02F60168 - 0xC: 0x02F60168 - 0x10: 0x02F60168 - 0x14: 0x0019FDC0
0x18: 0x61E52B24 - 0x1C: 0x006B8E00 - 0x20: 0x006B9824

FUNC_CPlayerPool__DeletePlayer: 0x466570
FUNC_CPlayer__Kill: 0x484620
FUNC_CPlayer__EnterVehicle: 0x0
FUNC_CPlayer__ExitVehicle: 0x0
FUNC_CPlayer__SpawnForWorld: 0x486d30
FUNC_GetVehicleModelInfo: 0x488240
FUNC_CConfig__GetValueAsInteger: 0x48b5b0
FUNC_CreateNPC_RPC: 0xffffffd6
FUNC_RakServer__Send: 0x45a260

VAR_ServerAuthentication: 0x4f5fe8
VAR_ServerPtr: 0x6b9e90
VAR_ConfigPtr: 0x6b41a0
VAR_RakPeerPtr: 0x6bdb98

OFFSET_NetVersion: 0xfd9
OFFSET_RemoteSystemManager: 0x33c
OFFSET_RemoteSystemSize: 0xcb8
OFFSET_RemoteSystem__ConnectMode: 0xcb0
OFFSET_RemoteSystem__Unknown: 0x0
OFFSET_SendBullet_RPC: 0x0
======================== FCNPC Exception Handler ===============================

+I think there is problem in a plugin named - QuaternionStuff I never heard of this I downloaded the latest from github and recompilied still it's not working!

Thanks in advance
Looking for someone who can help me in learning pawn language. for free xD
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Old 21/06/2020, 09:57 AM   #2
Big Clucker
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Default Re: Crash at running

It's pretty hard to work on it if you have totally unknown plugins. From the log it looks like something's wrong with FCNPC, try to update your plugins?
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