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Old 08/12/2017, 04:27 PM   #21
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Default Re: Closing garages in 0.3.8

Originally Posted by DRIFT_HUNTER View Post
Easiest way to handle garages would be to remove door object and just create our own in closed position...No need for any custom objects and downloads...
This method blends in the most as it uses the same object model (with a different model ID), just with the advantage of it not crashing due to colliding with the client. You could use a different door model, but if this works, why not?
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Default Re: Closing garages in 0.3.8

I get this error while download:

[artwork:crc] carshow_sfse.txd CRC = 0x3FB16052
Compress error: 7
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Default Re: Closing garages in 0.3.8

Originally Posted by adri1 View Post
I get this error while download:

[artwork:crc] carshow_sfse.txd CRC = 0x3FB16052
Compress error: 7
same here
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Old 16/12/2017, 07:03 PM   #24
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Default Re: Closing garages in 0.3.8

AddSimpleModel doesn't seem to like carshow_sfse.txd. Kalcor is aware of the problem.
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Default Re: Disabling bomb shops in 0.3.8

Originally Posted by Romz View Post
And why did not you remove the extra textures from the TXD files? This will greatly reduce their size, they will be more quickly downloaded.
Agreed, here is optimized version:
PHP Code:
// mod shops

AddSimpleModel(-15340, -1001"modlas2.dff""doors.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-15779, -1002"garagdoor1_lawn.dff""doors.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-110575, -1003"modshopdoor1_sfs.dff""doors.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-111313, -1004"modshopdoor_sfse.dff""doors.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-19093, -1005"cmdgrgdoor_lvs.dff""doors.txd");

CreateObject(-10012644.8594, -2039.234414.03910.00.0270.0);
CreateObject(-10021041.3516, -1025.929732.67190.00.090.0);
CreateObject(-1003, -2716.3516217.47665.38280.00.00.0);
CreateObject(-1004, -1935.8594239.531335.35160.00.00.0);

// pay n sprays

AddSimpleModel(-15422, -1006"laespraydoor1.dff""doors.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-15856, -1007"lawnspraydoor1.dff""doors.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-16400, -1008"spraydoor_law2.dff""doors.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-111319, -1009"sprayshpdr2_sfse.dff""doors.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-19625, -1010"spdr_sfw.dff""doors.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-17891, -1011"vgwspry1.dff""doors.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-113028, -1012"ce_spraydoor1.dff""doors.txd");
AddSimpleModel(-13294, -1013"cxf_spraydoor1.dff""doors.txd");

CreateObject(-10062071.4766, -1831.421914.56250.00.00.0);
CreateObject(-10071024.9844, -1029.351633.19530.00.090.0);
CreateObject(-1008488.2813, -1734.695312.39060.00.090.0);
CreateObject(-1009, -1904.5313277.898442.95310.00.00.0);
CreateObject(-1010, -2425.72661027.992252.28130.00.090.0);
CreateObject(-1012720.0156, -462.523416.85940.00.090.0);
CreateObject(-1013, -1420.54692591.156357.74220.00.090.0);
CreateObject(-1013, -100.00001111.414121.64060.00.0270.0);

// bomb shops

AddSimpleModel(-15043, -1014"bombdoor_las.dff""doors.txd");

CreateObject(-10141843.3672, -1856.320313.87500.00.00.0);
Also, I just wrote the small library for simple garages blocking:
Attached Files
File Type: zip (128.7 KB, 18 views)

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Default Re: Closing garages in 0.3.8

Thanks for this include! It is very useful.

In the .rar file the folder's name doesn't match with the name in the include.

In the file "garagedoors", in the include "garageblocker".
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