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Huge Clucker
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Post Kill/Death Textdraw

How could I make this... please could anyone help? I know how to make the textdraw and stuff... but how do i make it display the players kills and deaths? O.o

Thanks in advance...
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Default Re: Kill/Death Textdraw

Script Request Thread
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Kill/Death Textdraw

Use the OnPlayerDeath Callback and use the playerid, killerid, reason parameters. Also use the GetPlayerName function, from the playerid & killerid. This is all I can help you with right now, as you mentioned you know how to make textdraws.

Hope this helps,

Kind Regards,
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Default Re: Kill/Death Textdraw

pawn Code:
new Kills[MAX_PLAYERS];
new Deaths[MAX_PLAYERS];

new PIDstring[50], TIDstring[50];
format(PIDstring, sizeof PIDstring, "Kills: %i Deaths: %i"Kills[playerid], Deaths[playerid]);
format(TIDstring, sizeof TIDstring, "Kills: %i Deaths: %i"Kills[killerid], Deaths[killerid]
TextDrawSetString(Textdraw[playerid], PIDstring);
TextDrawSetString(Textdraw[killerid], TIDstring);
Add all of this to OnPlayerDeath except the variables, those need to be globa.
You dont need a timer to change the textdraws, just change the string like i did onplayerdeath. And if you still need help, u got my msn
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