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Default Re: PlayHard DeathMatch - Arabic & English together! Very unique.

Originally Posted by Soumi View Post
Russian, English and Arabic, that will be awesome.
Yeah, I need a Russian guy who understands English well so we can actually translate it Thanks for the idea .

Originally Posted by suhrab_mujeeb View Post
Looked at the code, it looked great. Some places had some mistakes but as you said it is for those new scipters who want to learn. I would surely recommend it to new scripters. Just a little suggestion, use more indentations to make your code look beautiful, easy to understand and well organized. +rep'd
Thank you! I am so glad to hear this and yeah, mistakes in my work as a pro-beginner are " a must " lol. I would love to know where the mistakes take place(are) and I will do my best to make it more understandable! Oh thanks for the reputation point .
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