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Huge Clucker
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Default [URGENT] Server full whereas it is not

Hi, I'm opening my server today. I'be juste restarted it and it says that the server is full whereas it is empty. I"ve got more than 200 members that are trying to connect. There waiting form several months so I'd like to make it work properly ...


EDIT: Well I did not found any solution. I'll explain the problem better:
When I look the samp client box the server seems like working fine, low ping and all. But when I connect it says "server is full" whereas there are no players on it. I looked the server logs and no connection were detected. I think it's invisible bots spamming the server. But as I can't detect it I can't defend my server from it..

I got an anti bot security taken from SAMP basic scripts:
pawn Code:
    new ip_addr_npc[64+1];
    new ip_addr_server[64+1];

      ip_addr_server = "";

    if(strcmp(ip_addr_npc,ip_addr_server,true) != 0)
      // this bot is remote connecting
      printf("NPC: Got a remote NPC connecting from %s and I'm banning it.",ip_addr_npc);
      return 0;
    printf("NPC: Connection from %s is allowed.",ip_addr_npc);
    return 1;
  return 1;

So any idea? My host is under linux, OS: Debian:5.0
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