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Big Clucker
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Question Need help with /addhouseint commands

I make an simple house system with interoir and its work, but still have little problem, here is the code:

CMD:addhouseint(playerid, params[])
	new giveplayerid, moneys1, string[256], tmp2[256];
	if (adlvl[playerid] < 6) return 0;
	if (sscanf(params, "dd", giveplayerid, moneys1)) return SendClientMessage2(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "Usage: /addhouseint [houseid] [door]");
	format(string, 10, "prop%d", giveplayerid);
	if (!dini_Exists(AddDirFile(dir_propfiles, string))) return SendClientMessage2(playerid, COLOR_RED, "Invalid house id.");
	if (moneys1 < 1 || moneys1 > MAX_PROP_INTS) return SendClientMessage2(playerid, COLOR_RED, "Invalid door id.");
	if (GetPlayerShamalID(playerid) != 0) return SendClientMessage2(playerid, COLOR_RED, "You can't add house interiors to this interior.");
	new temp1, temp2;
	temp1 = dini_Int(AddDirFile(dir_datafiles, FILE_TOTALSTAT), "maxpropint");
	temp2 = dini_Isset(AddDirFile(dir_propfiles, string), "interior") ? dini_Int(AddDirFile(dir_propfiles, string), "interior") : temp1+1;
	format(tmp2, 12, "propint%d", temp2);
	if (temp2 == temp1+1)
		dini_IntSet(AddDirFile(dir_datafiles, FILE_TOTALSTAT), "maxpropint", temp2);
		dini_Create(AddDirFile(dir_propints, tmp2));
		dini_IntSet(AddDirFile(dir_propints, tmp2), "propid", giveplayerid);
		dini_IntSet(AddDirFile(dir_propfiles, string), "interior", temp2);
	temp1 = temp2 + dini_Int(AddDirFile(dir_datafiles, FILE_TOTALSTAT), "enterexits");
	GetPlayerPos(playerid, adata[temp1][ax], adata[temp1][ay], adata[temp1][az]);
	GetPlayerFacingAngleFix(playerid, adata[temp1][aa]);
	adata[temp1][aa] = adata[temp1][aa] < 180.0 ? adata[temp1][aa] + 180.0 : adata[temp1][aa] - 180.0;
	adata[temp1][linkto] = propdoors[moneys1-1];
	adata[temp1][ax] += floatsin(-adata[temp1][aa], degrees) * 0.3;
	adata[temp1][ay] += floatcos(-adata[temp1][aa], degrees) * 0.3;
	dini_IntSet(AddDirFile(dir_propints, string), "locked", 0);
	dini_IntSet(AddDirFile(dir_propints, tmp2), "door", propdoors[moneys1-1]);
	dini_FloatSet(AddDirFile(dir_propints, tmp2), "X", adata[temp1][ax]);
	dini_FloatSet(AddDirFile(dir_propints, tmp2), "Y", adata[temp1][ay]);
	dini_FloatSet(AddDirFile(dir_propints, tmp2), "Z", adata[temp1][az]);
	dini_FloatSet(AddDirFile(dir_propints, tmp2), "A", adata[temp1][aa]);
	if (propints[temp2] != 0)
		propints[temp2] = 0;
		for (new i = 1; i <= MAX_AREAS; i++)
			if (areatype[i][1] == temp1)
				areatype[i][0] = 0;
				areatype[i][1] = 0;
	propints[temp2] = CreateDynamicObject(19198, adata[temp1][ax], adata[temp1][ay], adata[temp1][az]+0.35, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, -1, -1, -1, 50.0);
	moneys1 = CreateDynamicSphere(adata[temp1][ax], adata[temp1][ay], adata[temp1][az], 1.0, -1, -1, -1);
	areatype[moneys1][0] = AREA_TYPE_ENTEREXIT;
	areatype[moneys1][1] = temp1;
	areatype[moneys1][2] = temp2;
	for (new i = 0; i < PLAYERS; i++)
		if (IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(i, 50.0, adata[temp1][ax], adata[temp1][ay], adata[temp1][az]+0.35)) Streamer_Update(i);
	format(string, 64, "Added interior to house ID %d", giveplayerid);
	SendClientMessage2(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, string);
	return 1;
Can you help me to fix? when i added a house interior, it created an yellow marker, but the yellow marker not animated (go up-down) like a normal interior marker in gta san andreas. Did i miss something from the code above? really need help for this.
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Default Re: Need help with /addhouseint commands

Create[Dynamic]Pickup is the function you're looking for, or you can fancy your own pickup system that moves the object up and down.

Currently you just create the object and an area to detect entry, which is not a pickup.
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